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How to make Brazilian cheese bread aka "Pão de Queijo" 

One my favourite things about Brazil apart from our From Belo Team (obviously!) are these little tasty treats called Pão de Queijo aka Brazilian cheese bread. These are heavenly little treats that I love sharing with my friends when I am home in the UK. My best way to describe them is that are like cheesy profiteroles that melt in your mouth when hot or just heaven, heaven will do too! What's better is these little bread bites are gluten-free too making them all more inclusive - they can also be made vegan too! 

Brazilian cheese bread recipe by From Belo

The Brazilian cheese bread is an essential item alongside a cup of coffee for when guests come over to anyone's house in Brazil. Made using Manioc flour (Known as Cassava, Tapioca or Yucca flour also), which gives the bread a super light and airy interior to the bread.  Traditionally they are eaten as small balls sliced in half with butter and/or cheese. I quite like making big ones and turning them into a sandwich - It's making me drool just thinking about it! 

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How to make Brazilain Cheese Bread "Pão de Queijo" :

Ingredients (Should make 15-20 cheese bread balls): 

oil or butter, for greasing (or you can use baking paper)
250ml milk
½ x 250g pack unsalted butter
1 tsp salt
300g tapioca flour
2 eggs
100g grated cheese (parmesan or cheddar or mozzarella)

NB. You can use dairy-free alternatives to create a vegan Brazilian cheese bread.


Step One:

Heat the oven to 220C/200C fan/gas 7. Line a baking tray with baking paper or grease with a little oil or butter and set aside.

Step Two

Add the milk, butter and salt into a saucepan on a medium heat, bring to boil. Remove from heat and add the tapioca flour. Stir it vigorously and let cool a little.

Step Three

Place the dough in a mixing bowl. Using a hand whisk (electric or mechanical) beat the dough until it has cooled. 

Step Four 

how to make pao de queijo aka brazilian cheese bread

Add the eggs one at a time, ensuring you are mixing each egg in until it is fully incorporated into the dough, until adding the next one. Continue to mix the dough until it is glossy. Now stir in the grated cheese until it mixed throughout the dough. 

Step Five

Using a tablespoon place the dough onto the baking tray in small balls ensuring there is a good amount of space in between the balls of dough (top tip - the dough is very sticky so wet your hands if you decided to use your hands to dish out the balls instead of a spoon! It stops the dough from sticking). Bake for 20-30 mins or until crisp and golden. Remove from the oven and eat while still warm with a bit of butter or a slice of cheese.

I hope you love these as much as we do at the From Belo team. 

with love 



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