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Christmas Presents with Impact! 

Give a gift that keeps on giving this Christmas. Your purchase can be incredibly powerful, it can go beyond being a special gift for a loved one, your purchase can help the planet and the people too. Shopping sustainably and ethically can be challenging too. It's hard to know which brands are doing the right thing. Our co-founder Char has put together her top recommended list of her favourite treats that you can give this Christmas. Most of the items she has worn or actually gifted herself after doing the research! Hope you enjoy this as much as she has putting it together and we hope it makes shopping easier for you this Christmas. 

The Ethical & Sustainable Gift List


Ju bucket bag

The superhero of all bags, some may even say it’s their best friend. The Ju Bucket Bag converts from handbag to rucksack to crossbody whenever you need it to, so when you need to be handsfree you can. Made from materials once destined for landfill by our artisans who are all paid fair wages. Every one purchased help feed 8 people in need.

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Ligia Pouch

Recycled sustainable ethical Fabric Ligia Pouch by From Belo

This sustainable Pouch is so versatile, it can be used as a clutch bag, makeup bag, purse and general organiser for your handbag. The Ligia Pouch is embroidered with a cross-stitching of the colours of the Frevo umbrella. Handmade in Belo Horizonte, Brazil from recycled fabric by two incredible sisters Ligia and Helena. Every Ligia Pouch sold helps reinvest back into the community by donating one meal to the homeless and in need via our partner charity Casa de Maria.

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Recycled Silk Head Band  


Lizzie founder of WE-RESONATE used to design for Alexandra McQueen before taking the leap to follow her passion of fashion and sustainability. She sources vintage silk scarves and reworks them into amazing dresses and headscarves with her seamstress based in London. Every single piece is unique and helps restore beautiful scarves to a whole new glory.

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Organic Cotton Triangle Bra

Luxury Sustainable organic cotton lingerie and underwear by Ama Ella

Finding ethical and pretty underwear can be a challenge. Luckily Ama Ella, a mother and daughter duo based in Brighton has come to the rescue. Their handmade GOTS organic cotton underwear, has no harsh chemicals and dyes involved in the process to create these super comfy pieces. Made in Portugal and the UK, they pride themselves in creating pieces that help create skills in the textile and fashion industry, as well as creating fairly paid jobs.

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Emilio Wallet

Ethical and recycled tyre and umbrella black slim line wallet

Made from recycled tyre inner tubes and umbrella fabric, this water resistant wallet keeps your credit cards, notes and pennies safe. Due to the material used, the wallet is tough and durable yet slim and light and comfortably fits into any pocket or bag. Every Emilio Wallet purchased helps feed goodness into the world by donating 1 meal to the homeless and in need via our partner charity Casa de Maria. 

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Red Fran Belt Bag

Recycled and ethical red recycled fabric, seat belt and fabric belt bag by from belo

The Red Fran Belt Bag is part of the Alma collection. This sustainable statement making Belt bag is made out of plastic bottles, fabric offcuts and decommissioned seatbelts.

This Fran Belt Bag doesn't just support the planet it supports the people too. Every Fran purchased helps donate 4 meals to the homeless and in need. 

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Ethical Sunglasses

Recycled and ethical sunglasses by Pala Eyewear

Pala Eyewear creates stylish eyewear that makes a difference. Made from recycled acetate and bio resins, these sunglasses are kind to the planet and the people. Every single pair bought helps provide eyecare to impoverished communities. Love them.

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Idioma Sweatshirts ethical and sustainableMother and son duo are the force behind Idioma, a brand that brings language and design together. They work with small manufacturers in the UK, Europe, Bangladesh and India. They work hard to ensure their team are respected and are working hard on their supply chain to ensure their amazing unisex apparel are sustainably sourced.



Mini Nilza

Handwoven Cida Tote Bag by From Belo

The Mini Nilza is not just a day-to-day handbag, it is your best friend! Taking the weight off your shoulders with its strong but elegant seat belt straps, the Nilza tote bag is tough and durable by nature and able to carry more than could ever seem possible - much like the woman who inspired it, Dona Nilza - the founder of our partner charity "Casa de Maria".

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Cida Tote

Hanwoven Recycled Fabric rainbow tote bag by From Belo

Look good and do good whilst you’re doing it with the Frevo Cida woven fabric shopper bag, by From Belo. The perfect shopper to radiate positivity wherever you may go! Made from fabric offcuts and plastic bottles. Every Cida helps provide fair paid work to our community in Brazil and every purchase re-invests back into the community by donating meals the homeless and in need. 

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Alpaca Snood

Natural and sustainable alpaca wool scarf and snood by Ted and Bessie The founder of Ted and Bessie, Cat, loves her alpacas! Her alpacas’ wool is collected every year and spun to create the thread that is hand woven into these incredible pieces. No dyes are ever used in the process and only the natural colouring of the fleece is used. They are warm, snug and you feel kind to the planet with every one.

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Essential Oil room Diffuser 

Natural Room essential oil Fragrance by Elm RdElm Rd's scents are sensational. This diffuser has been in my downstairs loo for at least 6 months and is still creating incredible aromas. Handed created vegan, essential oil candles which have no toxic chemicals. You can inhale with confidence that the air you are breathing is clean. Every scent is carefully curated to transport you to an emotion or memory.



Wash bag

Perfect for dads that love cars, our Unisex From Belo's Sue Wash Bag is made from upcycled car seat covers and decommissioned seatbelts. Supporting our objectives to deliver eco and sustainable products by repurposing unused materials, to create beautiful fashion accessories. Every Wash bag helps donate 1 meal to homeless and in need with every purchase! 

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Ipad Holder




Every Dri tablet sleeve is handmade by our incredible team of artisans and is truly unique due to the nature of its materials. The use of different tyre brands and umbrella fabric gives each sleeve its individual look. Every Dri tablet sleeve purchased helps feed one person in need.

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Feel Good Starter Coffee Brew Kit


Not only does Coromandel Coast coffee taste amazing, this is coffee with a heart. This is shade-grown coffee, a powerful too for tackling climate change and deforestation. Every purchase re-invests back into the land as 10% of their revenue are donated to rural projects that not only benefit the land but the community where they are grown.


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The not so basic White T-shirt

White tshirt company organic cotton white tshirt

I love this company. They deliver the perfect basic t-shirt, that doesn’t bobble after washes and remains super soft and opaque! Every single one is made using organic GOTS certified cotton and is ethically produced, by workers who are respected with fair wages.

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Sonia Large Pouch


 Our large Sonia recycled plastic pouch bag is one of the most versatile bags we have. Redesigned to be used as an iPad case, a makeup bag or even a clutch!

This large pouch will keep all your goodies safe. A fun everyday bag that is decorated with a fun pom pom tassel. Every pouch helps donate one meal to the homeless and in need when purchased. 

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Mini Blue Ju Bucket

An everyday go-to, the Mini Electric Blue Ju seat belt bucket handbag for women, by From Belo, is the miniature version of the Ju Bucket Bag. A multi-functional convertible bucket backpack named after our team member Jurema (Ju), who is a real multi-tasker!! Every bag is made from recycled seatbelts and plastic bottles one destined for landfill. Every Mini Ju purchased helps feed 4 people in need. 

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Optimist T-shirt


 Bird Song's t-shirt brings optimism not to the people who wear it and the people that make it. Handmade in the UK by women who struggle to get work. The team train these ladies up into skilled seamstresses who are all paid living wages. What’s even better is that this t-shirt is made from certified organic cotton and the carbon footprint of each one is tracked. So you know exactly your impact for every t-shirt that is made.

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Badger Pendent Necklace



 I bought this pendent a few years back and loved it so much I bought one for my sister too (she lives in Australia and thought this was such a cute token of home!). Just Trade is incredible company, working internationally with small artisans to create fair trade jobs. This pendent is handmade from Tagua Nut, a native nut from the rainforests of South America. This nut is collected and hand carved by a local artisan named Darwin from Ecuador.

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Pencil Case


Recycled tyre pencil case that can keep all your little ones colouring pencils and pens safe and sound. Not only are they perfect for those that love engines. Every single one is individual as well, so you if you buy two – there won’t be any arguments over whose is whose.

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Sonia small Pouch

Perfect as a purse, a pouch for jewellery or for This recycled plastic bottle and excess fabric from the fashion industry mini pouch is the perfect adaptable to whatever you need it for. Handmade by our artisans every single one helps make change by donating meals the homeless and in need.  

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Critically Endangered Baby Socks


I bought these Critically Endangered Socks for my little nephew last Christmas. I love the convertibility of these socks as you can also use them as finger puppets too! Made from super soft GOTS certified organic cotton, and every sale donates 10% of the RRP is donated to WWF to help save critically endangered animals from extinction. 

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Polar Play Set


 Handwoven, Fairtrade toys by Weaving Hope that get your imagination whirling! I met the founder for these at an incredible event up in Norwich, UK and instantly fell in love with her story and the products. I bought this polar set for my friends’ little girl, who absolutely loves bringing the polar ice cap to life with this little set. Handmade in Sri-Lanka, these toys are made using natural materials and traditional techniques.  

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Hope you enjoy shopping these brands as much as me! 

With Love, 

Co-Founder From Belo 


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