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You are the revolution – you have the power to be the change. 

Fashion is fun, it’s our way of expressing who we are but it also has its flaws. However, the Fashion Revolution is here and there are easy ways that we can help make fashion impact the global community and natural world more positively. Below is our guide on small but powerful actions that if we all do – we can make a huge difference. 

1. Sign this petition

 Image copyright of PAYUPFASHION.com
Thousands of workers from already marginalized communities have lost their livelihoods as big brands did not #PAYUP for large fashion orders made when the pandemic hit the world. The organisation PAY UP FASHION has put together a petition to put pressure on large brands as well as governments to treat garment workers with dignity and respect, as well as paying them the debts that they owe from garments that still haven’t been paid for. 
 You can do your bit by signing their petition which will help enforce the support so that PAY UP FASHION can start working towards their 7 actions; Pay Up, Keep Workers Safe, Transparency, Give Workers Centre Stage, Sign Enforceable Contracts, End Starvation Wages and Help Pass Laws. 
 Sign the PAY UP FASHION petition here


2. Know Your Colours

 Fashion can make us feel good both on the inside and out. Finding a piece of clothing that makes your skin glow can do wonderful things for how we feel about our body but also means we will want to wear that piece again and again – meaning we get more wear out of our clothing. Finding the right colours for you can be hard if you don’t have a natural eye for colour. However, there are a few ways that you can get colour smart with your outfits: 
 - Have a professional stylist assess your colours to find out what colours truly make you pop!

 - Go on a styling course – there are many out there to find out how to do your colours and others – who knows this could open up a new career. 

 - Colour swatch yourself – There are many tutorials online to find out the ways of colour swatch yourself. 

 - Use an app! There are many apps on the market that can help you assess your skin tone including C Color. 

3. Look after your clothes and accessories

How looking after your clothes can help the planet  Knowing how to care for your products can help them live a longer life. If you are unsure how to care for your product, get in touch with the brand that sold you the product or the brand that created it. This can help minimise the need for over consumption. 
 If something does break, getting to know a local tailor/seamstress or even a cobbler is a great way to ensure your clothes and accessories live the extra mile. 

4. Write to your MP

Government Legislation is a powerful tool – that sets down guidelines for industries to follow so that they can make better decisions for the planet and also the people. The Fashion industry although one of the biggest employers internationally and also one of the biggest polluters are lagging behind over industries quite substantially. Putting pressure on the government by writing to your MP and demanding that legislation is put in to stop fashion hurting the planet and the people that work in the supply chain will allow change to happen. If we all write passionately to our MP’s it will help highlight what a serious issue this is to the people of the UK. 
 You can find out who your local MP is here

5. #30 wears

 Livia Firth - Fighting Fast Fashion
Image copyright of Livia Firth and EcoAge.com
 Livia Firth founder of the sustainable fashion consultancy and media platform ECOAGE coined the concept of #30wears. When purchasing a product consider if you will wear it more than 30 times or would it just be a one-hit-wonder. Just asking this simple question will influence your purchase and help not only you save money but also stop you from ending up with clothing that does not get worn, that you might end up throwing away. Just asking this one question every time you shop can make a huge impact. 

6. Repurpose and Re-imagine

repurpose clothing to help save the planet 
 As we get older or even as our style changes – some clothing items, even the ones we invest in, are not the right fit any more. There are several options to ensure that these clothes live on. 
 First of all – consider updating your clothing by going to a tailor or a designer that can adjust the piece to modernise it and let it be re-imagined. 
 If this is not possible, why not sell it to a new home and let someone else celebrate that piece. 
 Finally, if that is not possible why not consider cutting it up and using the clothing as cleaning cloths. 

7. Wash Better

 Every time we do our washing it is estimated that on average 9 million microfibres are released into the water. Many of our plants that cleanse the water are unable to remove these fibres leading to laundry alone being accountable for 35% of primary plastic that is polluting our oceans (figures take from a report by the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN)). This plastic pollution ends up causing a whole tonne of problems for life not only in the ocean but higher up the food chain as well – including humans too. 60% of the clothes produced globally are synthetic
 Fear not there are some easy ways we can solve this problem.  
  •  The first way we can resolve this is to wash our clothes less – wearing your clothes more often can be one of the biggest contributors to minimising micro-plastics entering the atmosphere. Hand treating any stains with natural vinegar and water or other natural solutions can help clothes last longer before the next wash.  

  •  Secondly, if you do need to wash synthetic materials the GUPPY FRIEND is the first scientifically approved washing machine tool that stops micro-plastics from entering the water system. 
We hope these tips have helped you be more sustainable. If you have any feedback or further thoughts and ideas – we would love to hear your thoughts. Either write a comment or get back to us in an email hello@frombelo.com
Have a beautiful day! 
 With love, 
Char and Maria


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