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Fasten Your Seatbelts!!!

The EKO Collection has arrived. Unique handbags and accessory made from recycled seat belts for women, designed by From Belo.

A collection of sustainable designer handbags and accessories has been created using recycled materials to show that true beauty should never go to waste.

In the native language used by the Brazilian Amazonian tribes, eko means life – something which inspires our brand in many ways, none so much as our latest design process.

Each handbag has been created using decommissioned seatbelts that were soon to be relegated to landfill or burnt. Whilst these seatbelts were no longer suitable for use in vehicles, they were destined for bigger and better things.

Having been cleansed and redyed using a natural dying process to give it back its sparkle, each seatbelt was given a new life as part of the products you see before you today.

Ju Bucket bag

Meet Ju Bucket bag,  Nizla Tote Bag, Bombom clutch, Jonas bottle holder, Geraldo Coin Purse

And we didn’t stop there!

Each seatbelt handbag and accessory design comes fully lined with a fabric made from recycled plastic bottles, no less. Plastic bottles were chopped up into tiny pieces and then heat treated along with scrap fabric fibre to make a brand-new thread.

Then – ta-dah! – this thread is woven into the material we use for our products.

Just because a product has served its original use doesn’t mean that it is without purpose.

We believe that there’s always another way in which we can give back to the world around us – and that’s a viewpoint shared by all of the incredible team members at Casa de Maria.

That’s why we dedicated our EKO collection to each and every one of them, and the tireless work they do to help make the world a better place. Find out more about the characters behind the EKO Collection.

Look closely, and you’ll see that each design is inspired by the traits of the special person after which it is named - it’s just our little way of saying an extra big thank you.

Black Nilza Tote Bag

Black Nilza Tote Bag

Made from something once used to protect lives on the road, now they help to enrich the lives of the people of Brazil. Each recycled handbag and accessory has been lovingly made by our skilled team of workers earning above the Brazilian living wage.

Proceeds from each sale providing the equivalent of 2-6 meals at Casa de Maria for the community of Belo Horizonte. Just like always.

Find your bag and join the From Belo Family!

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