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Welcome to Our Week of Kindness. 

Black Friday week is upon us. As a brand we do not participate in any Black Friday campaigns as it goes against everything we stand for. It's a day of overconsumption. Often of goods which are cheaply made by slave labour and not built to last, yet made from materials that are difficult to decompose, often ending up in landfill. In a nutshell - everyone misses out. The consumer, the planet and those who make it. This is why we are focussed on transforming this negative week into something positive that will benefit everyone involved. 

5 Reasons To Turn Black Friday Into Kind Friday:

1. We don't believe in mass market sales, we believe in business that makes a difference to both you and the people that make it.

This is why we create products with impact. We are not discounting any products over this period. Instead we are doubling our donations and splitting them between Casa de Maria and a UK based Charity. This will start Sunday 22nd November 2020 when we announce the Charity (which you can VOTE for below) and will end of Monday 30th November 2020 at Midnight.

2. We believe in slow fashion. We rescue materials from going into landfill and transform them to have a new life.

This process takes time to achieve the high quality finish that allows these materials to have a long life. We produce in small batches that when we sell, we produce more. We don't believe in having deadstock products.

3. We believe in sustainable business. We pay our team with the dignity of fair wages.

The nature of Black Friday with some offers allowing 75% off do not represent a team that is fairly paid. We can not physically discount our products to that severe extent and continue to do the good work that we do in building communities up and making them stronger. We believe that sustainability does not start or end with materials, it must include the people too.

4. We believe in Design led products.

Creativity, innovation and Design is key to creating a timeless product that is going to last the test of time. The effort of our team to create this product from the sketch pad to building in reality is huge. Our prices respect both the labour of production but also the time it has taken to study waste materials and work out how to elevate them to a high quality. Profit earnt from our products are re-invested not only into our team and our community but also into innovation. We are obsessed with how to transform waste so we can continue to grow our positive impact.

5. We don't believe in over consumption

We believe in buying what you need and buying it at a high quality so it will last the test of time.

With Love

Char and Maria


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