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Saturday, 24 October 2020.
Let's Get ready to Make a difference! 

This day has been created to encourage people to come together and help others in need and do good for the world. At From Belo, every day is Make a Difference day! We created our company with exactly this purpose in mind – to make a difference and feed goodness into the world. We wanted to live more ethically, environmentally friendly and socially responsible. When we came up with the idea to make sustainable handbags, we wanted to see how we can make a difference in the way we source materials, design the bags, use our workforce and get people involved and excited about sustainability.

Recycled handbags made from recycled plastic bottles
Can you believe that 90.1% of all materials formed from virgin resources aren’t recycled or reused? That’s a shocking number! A main priority for us was to find innovative ways to reuse, refurbish and extend the life of materials that are considered waste. So what others call trash – we consider treasure. Plastic bottles, old seat belts or leftover fabric are exactly the kind of treasures we are talking about! Let’s be honest, there is A LOT of plastic that should be recycled and reused- and hey, who knew bags made out of plastic bottles or seat belts can look so good, right?!

Not only do we want to design amazing looking handbags from great materials, we also want to design a sustainable way of producing them. Sustainability for us goes beyond the materials and designs - it means looking after the people too. So for us as a company, involving the community was of utmost importance to make a real difference. We work with a local family-run manufacturer and support our amazing local NGO Casa de Maria that helps homeless and people in need. We are so proud to be able to offer these people the opportunity to learn, thrive and make a difference in their life and that of their family.

From Belo make a difference day

Sustainability is becoming a big thing now as people understand the importance of it more and more each day and that’s very exciting! We want to play our part, one bag at a time, and have an impact in the fashion industry and our planet! We know, big aspirations! However, if we all do one small thing to make a difference, it has a massive impact collectively.

We want people to be part of our journey and the journey of their bag by showing where it is manufactured, who produces the bags (and name them after the artisan who creates those beauties!) and the impact each bag has on someone’s life, the community and the planet! This way we hope that people become even more conscious about their purchases and spread all the goodness into the world!

5 Ways to Make a Difference

Think about how you can make a difference! Here are some suggestions:

• Give a compliment or phone someone you haven’t spoken to in a while – you never know, it might brighten up their day!

• Recycle more rubbish or simply switch off the lights when you leave the room.

• Pick up some rubbish that you see laying around.

• Volunteer! Dedicate one hour of your week or month to a worthy cause. Not only will it bring you closer to the community but it may make a massive difference in someone’s life.

• Support ethical businesses (like From Belo!) that give back. Shop Now and Carry Kindness.

There is always something you can do to make a difference!

With Love,

Char and Maria


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