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Positive News Monday

Global hunger has fallen by 50% since 1990

Many people face the news each morning with trepidation and dread. Every day, we read of pollution, inequality and suffering. This is all real and truly alarming. But it would be a mistake to view that as the total of the world currently.

We have great news, under the radar, some aspects of life on Earth are getting dramatically better. Extreme hunger has fallen by half since 1990, and life expectancy is increasing in poor countries — and there are many more indices of improvement like that everywhere you turn.

The map below shows changes to the Global Hunger Index — a measure of undernutrition calculated by The International Food Policy Research Institute — between 2000 and 2017.

World Hunger Map

In countries marked red, hunger has increased. In countries marked orange or tan, it’s decreased, and in countries marked green, it’s decreased by one half or more. So it’s encouraging to see how much of the globe is orange, tan, or green, and especially encouraging that a few extremely populous countries like China and Brazil fall into the green category.

There are still 5 million people in Brazil who remain hungry - let alone the millions of people internationally. Every little that we can do can help. Whether it be a donation to a food bank or making a powerful purchase that helps support communities in poverty-stricken regions not just by donations but also supplying a living wage to help break the circle of poverty. 

We love the fact that globally world hunger is reducing! It shows hope that we have the opportunity to reduce it further and perhaps even stop hunger. 

At From Belo we not only provide living wages and safe working conditions to all our team. We also donate meals with every purchase to the homeless and in need in the same community. We believe in building and supporting communities to help break the circle of poverty so that they can become self-sufficient. 

So far we have donated 1432 meals since we launched just over 18 months ago. These donations have all been made to Casa de Maria, a charity that supports the homeless and in need in Belo Horizonte Brazil, the home of our artisans. Click here to read more about Casa De Maria's founder Dona Nilza. 

If you would like to read more about how we at From Belo are stopping hunger click here for more info


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