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I felt small, stepping out of the central bus station and onto the busy streets of Sao Paulo. A lot of people had told me to avoid Sao Paulo apparently it was very dangerous, hostile city.

Being a solo female traveller has its challenges, probably one of the hardest I found to deal with is loneliness. I find sometimes when you feel so small, loneliness rears its ugly head.

Feeling small in Sao Paulo did not last long, the city did not live up to the reputation I had heard on my travels at all.

 greeneryGetting some peace and quiet away from the hustle and bustle! 

Just like any big city home or foreign, you have your dangers. I am not here to tell you that Sao Paulo is a safe haven, but I did feel pretty safe exploring this wonderful place.

The city is alive, crawling with exciting, tasty, vibrant places to go. It’s easy to burn the candle at both ends when there is action and melt in your mouth ice cream around every corner. 

Ibirapuera Park

The concrete jungle can become a bit much for a country bumpkin like myself, I love city life but sometimes I need some greenery to take me back to my roots. Luckily Ibirapuera Park did more than just answered my prayers.

Don’t be fooled by the word park, this is not your standard kiddy playground. Ibirapuera is filled with exercise classes, museums, botanical gardens, food vendors and more.

This green space can satisfy needs you didn’t even know you had. To get the true Ibirapuera experience grab a coco (coconut) to sip while you check out some of the parks perks:

 It’s a massive green space surrounded by skyscrapers – the skyline is incredible!

Escape the giant South American metropolis without even stepping a foot out of the city. Great place just to recharge and relax.

Get fit or treat yourself to some fit eye candy!

Practising Capoeira
Practising Capoeira in Ibirapeura Park

Fancy feeling like a local and getting your fitness freak on? There are fitness classes for every person tai chi, yoga, cross fit….Brazils Iron Man is even held here! If eye-candy is the only fitness your looking for in your life….observing a  Mahamudra class is something you must not miss!

 Get your nerd on…


Manequinho Lopes Nursery
Come find exotic plants in the Manequinho Lopes Nursery - Ibirapeura Park.

Filled with a range of museums to suit all tastes and even a library. Satisfy your yearn to learn about Brazilian art, culture, history in a park.




Get a starry sky among the city lights


The Planetarium
The Planetarium - Ibirapeura Park. Image sourced: http://bit.ly/2xv96JU
Kick back, snuggle up and watch the stars in the planetarium without light pollution killing your vibe.

Be part of Sao Paulos biggest events

Park SAO PauloLight Show at Christmas in Ibiraperua Park Image Sourced: http://bit.ly/1hGAyFk

South American Fashion week is held within the pavilion twice a year, trade shows are a regular occurrence and the music hall has lots of tunes to keep you entertained.

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