Goal 1: No Poverty - How Belo is tackling this

This UN Sustainability Goal aims to achieve the end of poverty in all its forms everywhere. Even though the fashion industry does create millions of jobs, most workers earn below living wages. Hence making it harder to lift people out of economic poverty. 

At BELO, we work with local Brazilian artisans and we make sure the jobs provided have decent living wages* for employees in every link of our supply chain.

Another way we support this goal is by reinvesting straight back via key charities that focus on creating better opportunities in the community of our artisans. 

By working towards the Zero Poverty goal, we also tackle the (10) Reduce Inequalities SDG. 


*A living wage is the bare minimum wage required for workers to live a decent life. It’s different from the legal minimum wage, which is usually far below the living wage. In Brazil, minimal wages are only one third to half of what a worker needs for a decent life.


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