Fairtrade should be the norm and not the exception!

Faitrade in the fashion industry - from belo

Everyone deserves dignity. We believe that everyone who is part of our journey of rescuing waste and transforming it into beautiful accessories must be appreciated, respected, listened to, paid a fair wage, feel empowered and safe. This is non-negotiable at From Belo. Fairtrade should be the norm and not the exception. For us, fashion is about celebrating the beauty of the world and the people who live in it. We strongly believe true beauty never comes from pain.

The dream of From Belo began when we first-hand witnessed that not everyone is born with equal opportunities. This includes food, education, work or shelter.  We wanted to break this cycle and create opportunities that help the communities we work in thrive and grow. We believe that Fair Trade, sustainable development and community investment are the solution to building a better life for everyone. We work closely within our community, aligning our work with the 12 of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals.

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Our Team      Our Suppliers      Ending Modern Slavery

Sustainable Development Goals


We are an open book! If you want to find out more or feel like there is something missing, please do not hesitate to direct message us via our Instagram or email us at hello@frombelo.com.


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Char and Maria