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Ju Bucket - Made from Recycled seatbelts
Waste and poverty are intrinsically linked, with over 90% of waste being openly dumped or burnt in low-income countries. The impact of waste on the health of local ecosystems and communities can be treacherous. In order for Belo to fulfil its mission, we couldn’t knowingly help one community and harm another. That’s why we are committed to using a socially responsible production and manufacturing process, adopting new, eco-friendly solutions and materials that are kinder to everyone and everything. Our aim is for every element of our accessories to be crafted from environmentally responsible fabrics, whether it’s recycled plastic, ethically sourced seatbelts, or offcuts of organic GOTS certified cotton.
All Belo products are made using waste materials that were designed for landfill. To some, they’re waste. To us, they’re simply the right materials that ended up in the wrong products. So we found them a forever home in pieces that are really made to last.  We’re always learning about new techniques and ways to be kinder, from using all hydro-electric power in our workshops to making wallets from our offcuts, and only make our products in small batches to reduce the potential for surplus.


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