These bags change lives.



Too often garment workers are subject to terrible conditions. That’s why we work with local Brazilian artisans, providing them with a higher than living wage and a positive work environment. Our philosophy at Belo is to work with communities to strengthen them from within, creating a circular model that not only showcases the unique stories of the community through our creations, but also re-invests something back. And it just so happens, they’re some of the most skilled artisans out there, if we do say so ourselves. We couldn’t be prouder to work with each and every one of them, which is why we name of all our designs after them too.




Meet the artisans behind your Belo bag


This is Patty. She’s our Sewing Lead, and just one of the skilled artisans at Belo.
Having left her village at 13 in search of a better life, Patty is now the main breadwinner of her family, supporting 4 children through University – something she once only dreamed was possible.


This is Leka. She’s our Factory Manager, and just one of the many skilled team employed by Belo. Born into a family business of bag and shoe making, Leka knows that quality work rests on the quality of life of her team. That’s why she is proud to offer flexible hours to ensure a positive work-life balance and time to take care of their families.


This is Ze. He’s the Chief of Prototyping at the factory where all Belo products are brought to life.  He turns an initial idea into a reality, refining and developing the prototypes until we have a quality, finished product we – and Ze – can be proud of.


This is Lucia. She’s Team Leader, and the glue that keeps the factory together. As a child,  Lucia’s family received ongoing support from our partner charity Casa de Maria. Now, Lucia uses her job to provide for her family, and give back to the community too.


This is Elaine, aka Nene. She’s the artisan responsible for assembling every tiny pom-pom, hand-woven handle and piece of fabric that goes into our bags. The products she brings to life give back to charity but Nene also runs her own, providing for animals in need. A fair working environment and wage is what allows Nene to be the giving person she is, and why we’re committed to providing this for all workers throughout our supply chain. Now, and forever.


This is Renata. She specialises in sewing and screen printing, a role she took on after her husband passed away. Renata is responsible for handmaking and printing our GOTS certified cotton dust bags, and is so skilled in her art that her young daughter now wants to follow in her footsteps to become a handbag designer one day.