Hi, we’re Belo.

A British - Brazilian accessories brand designed to be kinder to people and the planet.  



We create bold yet versatile bags and fashion accessories that pioneer ethical practices and materials, giving back to the community each step of the way. Consciously made with the highest attention to detail and quality of craftsmanship, we consider each product a piece of wearable art. And just like art, it’s designed to make us stop and think - about the way we view waste, and the way in which our fashion is made

It’s no secret that fashion hasn’t been kind over the years - so that’s why we sew it into every seam. Crafted using recycled plastics and materials otherwise destined for landfill, we employ specialist skilled artisans from some of Brazil’s most marginalised communities and ensure they are paid the dignity of fair wages.

Our Story

Opportunity is a beautiful thing, and one that we all take for granted. When Belo was established in 2017, it was done to create opportunities for those who are typically afforded fewer than the rest of us. The idea came about when founders Charlotte Bingham-Wallis and Maria Costa - two friends from opposite sides of the world - united over their shared experiences working with communities in Maria’s home country of Brazil. Belo was established as a way to sustainably create more opportunities for food, education and work - and give customers an opportunity to be a part of that too. Through each Belo product made and sold, we not only help to provide fair employment but also ongoing support for the community via our partner charity, Casa de Maria. Every purchase enables Casa de Maria to provide cooked meals for the vulnerable as well as ongoing sponsorship to Não era Amor, their sister charity providing necessary training to psychologists helping low income female victims of domestic violence.