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Every Black Friday week, BELO reflects on the fashion industry's status quo and dehumanizing perception of its supply chain. This year, our impact is transcending oceans.

"Behind every product we buy, there is someone who worked hard to create it"- Maria Costa, BELO's Co-founder

To increase the positive impact in our community in a week where overconsumption and unethical practices are celebrated, every BELO bag sold donates double the meals to Casa de Maria.

What is Casa de Maria?

Casa de Maria is the cornerstone of the community in Belo Horizonte, Brazil, with a team of volunteers dedicated to giving back in any way they can. Every day, those in need are given food, a place to wash, regular haircuts and a place to learn.

This year, due to the cost of living crisis in the UK, every BELO bag sold on our website and at Selfridges will donate double the meals that will be split between Casa de Maria in Brazil and FoodCycle in the UK. So if you are planning to by a BELO bag, click here and maximize your impact!

"At BELO, community is everything. Aligning ourselves with an award-winning charity in my home country that sits at the heart of local communities is what positive impact means to us" - Char, BELO's Co-founder

Why Food Cycle?

Just like Casa de Maria in Brazil, Food Cycle is on the frontline throughout the Covid-19 pandemic and current cost of living crisis providing essential support to vulnerable people in the UK. And just like BELO, Food Cyle mitigates waste by transforming it into a valuable resource for the community. FoodCycle currently operates 61 projects every week at community kitchens across England and Wales, cooking and serving over 1,500 nutritious 3-course meals, made from food surplus that would otherwise go to waste.

Food Cycle's Positive Impact

So far this year, Food Cycle's volunteers have: Served over 401,000 WRAP meals Provided meals to over 46,000 guests; Rescued 168 tonnes of surplus food which would have otherwise gone to waste; Through their Check-in and Chat telephone befriending service, their volunteers have held over 2,579 conversations with guests providing 644 hours of contact time.

If you are planning to buy a BELO bag, this week you would make double the positive impact. Click here to shop now!


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