How Belo are working towards Climate Action

Climate changes due to the increase of CO2 emissions has its effects amplified in vulnerable communities with natural disasters such as severe drought, fires, floodings and hurricanes - causing hunger, death, devastating homes, or the need for migration. To opt for climate justice, we, the fashion industry, must lead change.

At BELO, we are working our hardest to create a company that is responsible for the environment by investing in a circular economy.

We create new products from waste materials that would otherwise be burned, take hundreds of years to decompose and break down as microplastics in the environment. The irregular management of solid waste also aggravates floods in Brazil. 

We sourced locally in Brazil because we want to mitigate waste in the community where we make our products as well as minimize our carbon footprint. 

As a small company, we know that what we do won't save the planet single-handedly, but we believe that every wave of change starts from small ripples. Any step, however small, matters, and small steps now matter more than those done later.


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