How Belo are working towards Zero Hunger
Food is a physical need linked to our survival. A source of nutrients that provides the energy we require to keep warm, repair and thrive.

At Belo, we create sustainable jobs that provide living wages that allow families to have the finances to buy the food, pay the bills and invest in their future. On our quest for zero hunger, we aim at building a business that is not only sustainable financially but also environmentally. For us to truly tackle hunger, we need to respect the environment around us, especially where our community lives. Unsustainable ways of manufacturing could affect the water, soil, food crops and people's health through the release of waste and harsh chemicals in nature.

Finally, we believe in investing in the community where we take. That is why we donate meals to those in need for every powerful purchase you make so that those who are most vulnerable have the opportunity to have the energy to seize the day. To see the impact we have made together so far - click here. 


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