BELO on the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals

In 2015, the United Nations set 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDG’s) that should be met no later than 2030. They are an urgent call for action if we wish to save our planet, our climate, our biodiversity and humanity while reducing inequality caused by the difference in gender, health, poverty and education.

To have a kinder and healthier planet, we can't just rely upon our governments. As a global community, those goals are for all of us to try and reach. Especially for the fashion industry, whose imprint on the climate, according to Global Fashion Agenda, equals that of the UK, France and Germany combined.

Fashion has the power to galvanise change when harnessed correctly, it helps us to express our individuality but most importantly, is a driver for helping people out of poverty and especially women – for example, according to the Brazilian department of statistics and socioeconomic studies (DIEESE), the sectorial complex comprising Textile, Clothing, Accessories, Leather and Footwear employs around 2.7 million Brazilians, more than 70% are women. 

According to Global Fashion Agenda, when women become economically independent, they invest in their children and their community, sharing their values and lifting others out of poverty as well as making sure that their children go to school. Through education, you can begin to rethink the existing and change your society for the better both economically and climate wise. 


So how is BELO working towards becoming part of achieving the SDGs?


We support all 17 goals, particularly because we believe they are all correlated. However, our main focus is on: 


For more detail on how we acting to tackle each SDG - click on the image above.